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The use of information technology has replaced the telegraph and other slow communications with telephone and mobile phone. Any person can communicate the other within seconds. The radios which were used for news and other programs is replaced with the television which can not only provide audio but also video. Eventually, information systems have placed its role in electronic industry. In telecommunication also information technology placed its importance. The use of emails and mobiles has made communication really simple. Even huge date can be shared with people in any place in the world. The invention of floppy, CD, and other data storage system has helped people to store data very easily. Information Technology is used in educational instructions also. It made many things simple like preparation of timetable, question banks, and student details, salary preparations can be easily done in computer and can be stored. Records can be easily maintained. No large place is required to store. Files can be replaced with simple pen drives. In entertainment, we can simply use computer to watch any movie. We can even store pictures in computer.

It’s Wide Applications in Different Fields Made Life Simple, Easy and Comfortable

In medical industry also information technology has an important role. Many types of equipment like ECG, and few machines use micro chips in it. Certain special software’s are used in blood analysis and even in vision testing. To monitor a patient’s health’s condition for many hours the patient is connected with few devices which record the body behavior. Later the whole information is retrieved by doctor and then analyzed.

The Information technology is also used in the business. In business the use of Information technology is for automatic tasks. Suppose the room is set with automatic temperature system. Then the censor will increase and decrease accordingly. Many tools like phones, mail and database can be used. Information can be transferred to the team in seconds with mail or fax and mobiles. Cloud hosting services can be used to store the data. For backup of data also it is used.

With the help of information technology, the finance management has become simple. Different software’s like tally and other account software’s can be used for storing and maintaining the stock list or accounts easily. This helps to keep them safe. The business people can easily launch the product and advertise it with the help of technology. It helps in increasing the business and creates the brand awareness among the public. The use of information technology helps in creating a relation between the business and the customers. Customers can purchase the product online, sitting at home or any other place with the help of information technology. It also helps in creating competition with other business brands. The use of information technology made life easy. The use of credit and debit cards made people to take money directly in the shops. One need not go to bank to withdraw money. They can simply swipe the card and access their account with a simple pin and make payments online.