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Today the line is blurred from knowing when a product is a product in itself and when it is a tech product. Today there seems to be less and less of a difference and tomorrow we can rest dadvassured that this trend will only continue to where everything is in someway internet enabled. Ford Motor company is all to familiar with this reality and is planing in a big way to set them apart from the competition. To the tune of a 10 year plan to transform their headquarters into a high tech campus. As self driving cars and ride sharing services that are enabled by your device continue to go on the rise and effectively transform own transportation infrastructure, Ford has been making the effort and the pledge to recast itself as a tech company first and foremost that just so happens to exclusively make cars. The company has announced that it has plans in the works to transform its 7.5 million square foot headquarters in dear born, Michigan, into a high tech campus that is on par with anything you would find in the silicon valley.

The renovated campus will house over 30,000 employees who currently worktec 70 different buildings around the surrounding areas, so this move alone will help streamline the whole process of design to build they are going to make a big difference in terms of making the impossible or even the pretty hard most definitely possible and achievable. This has been the focus of Ford for the better part of 3 years, and they are only now beginning to put the peddle to the medal. This is the first major renovation the company has had in over 60 years and the one before this pales in comparison to the sure scale of the changes being proposed.

One of the key designers of the project has noted that  “Just with the age of the facilities alone we knew we would have to invest a lot in the infrastructure to keep them viable,” Inch says. “But they also don’t have the connectivity and collaborative environment that we wanted, so we decided to take a very holistic view.”

There are going to be 2 main campuses in the new super campus that will work in close

Dearborn Campus Transformation: The current Ford Research and Engineering Center Campus – dedicated by U.S. President Eisenhower in May 1953 – currently houses 12,000 employees. It is being transformed into a contemporary, innovative work environment to accommodate 24,000 employees in 4.5 million square feet of upgraded work space.

conjunction with each other both in terms of their proximity as well as their duties and responsibility. The head quarters is going to take up a huge 1.3 million square ft of space and will also house the Ford Credit subsidiary. This is going to help Ford better achieve what they have been trying to do with their attempts at voice sync as early as 10 years ago. Ford is stepping into new grounds with their partnership with lyft in their attempts to make every car driver less before the decades end. Whether or not that is going to be feasible considering the state of the legislation is another story, but at the very least they are hoping to make the largest fleet of driverless cars in the world.  This is going to be a new frontier.