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julian assangeJulian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, recently suggested his intention to release more sensitive data stolen from the server of the Democratic National Committee. During an interview with CNN, Assange stated that this website has “a lot more material” and may or may not release it, though he declined to identify the hacker who provided the huge amounts of hacked DNC emails published on his website last week.

“What we try and do as a source protection agency, we like to create maximum ambiguity as to who our sources are,” he said in the interview. “Perhaps one day the source or sources will step forward, and it might be an interesting moment. Some people will have egg on their faces.”

“Obviously, to exclude certain actors is to make it easier to find out who our sources are,” he added. “So we never do it.”

assangeWhile the US has revealed widely shared suspicions that Russians were behind the leak, the Kremlin has denied any Russian involvement in the hack that revealed a bias among DNC staff members, who openly mocked and plotted against Bernie Sanders. The revelations of the leaked emails have led to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook as accused Russian of being responsible for the data breach in an attempt to better Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election. Trump denied any involvement outright and Russian officials scoffed at the allegation.

“What the experts said when this breach initially happened at the DNC was that they believed that it was Russian state actors who took these emails,” Mook had said. “Russian state actors were feeding the emails to hackers for the purpose of helping Donald Trump,” he concluded.

Assange may have actually teased the DNC leak a month before it happened during an interview with Britain’s ITV that occurred in mid-June. Assange brought up “emails related to Hillary Clinton which are pending publication,” but the comments were assumed to be a reference to additional emails potentially hacked off of her private server as opposed to DNC emails.

assange2In the same interview, Assange had more criticism to share regarding Clinton than Trump, saying she’s a “war hawk” and that her attempts to prosecute Wikileaks are “a bit of a problem for freedom of press more than generally.” Assange has shared personal objections to Clinton, saying she tried to indict him for releasing a huge trove of diplomatic cables that caused “personal embarrassment” for the Obama administration while she was the secretary of state.

Whether Assange is releasing these documents as retribution for Clinton’s hawkish actions or in support of Russian hackers or in support of Donald Trump remains unknown; we will have to see what additional leaks do occur and what those leaked documents reveal about the state of the United States Democratic National Committee. For now, Assange and the hacker who stole the data have definitely succeeded in causing chaos at the DNC, during which Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign and booed off-stage, an embarrassing event that was caught on video.

There has been a general trend in the tech industry over the past few years that has a lot industry insiders shaking their heads and shaking their heads in disapproval. This trend is the reality that many of the tech companies that then they are faced with their back up against a wall of the threat of outside competition  posing a threat to their earnings they are merely teaming up and consolidating their power in kind of all penetrating large scale monopolistic gain. This is a trend that is not only on the rise but becoming an almost matter of fact as a reality of business today. In a sense there is very little anyone can do because they do not technically break any industry regulations, however what they are doing is fundamentally destabilizing the market and making way for it to be altered. What the trend is going to do is destabilize the regularity of the market to the point where it cannot bunch back given they are consolidating too much power as well as not punting out the best product of having any natural competition or growth that is suppose to be inherent to capitalism, or so weave been told. Insider Depak Sing says that this trend is both scary and also completely unprecedented. We basically, are in one of the biggest economic experiences in modern history, and we are the guinea pigs. Essentially, we are in a position where by there are implications of recession written all over the tech industry and the American and thus world economy at large. So this should be a funny next new years because no matter what happens there is most likely going to be a melt down on some scale. That is the way the tech industry is going because there is not only this phenomena of the consolidation too big to fail aspect of tech monsters, there is also the double pronged effect of an even larger population of the tech start up world. This can be understood as being a puddle that is very shallow and wide, with a few deep holes in the middle that strike gold. The problem is that you don’t know which one will be the big cash cow. Thus people are continually throwing money into this endless pit of despair hoping their bets pay off. And in may ways they do, through this sense of gold rush surrounding the tech startup

Information analysis. Monitoring economy, manager and progress and productive, vector illustration

sector many people are rushing to the door step of these start ups and they are delivering, well at least enough to show them something to keep throwing money at. Thus These start ups given the large amount of traffic surrounding. them are receiving billions and billions of dollars in initial public offerings as well as seed money from investors who are hoping to cash in. The problem is that most of these start ups cannot and will not ever monetize. Thus what happens with the two billion dollar valuation when there is no product, and no source of revenue and people come back to collect on their debts? I’m not entirely sure, but we can ask Vine in a couple of weeks, or probably any other app your middle school aged nephew told you about last thanks giving.