This Thursday Amazon declared that two of their existing products: Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, would enable the Alexa voice recognition software to manage the day to day tasks of their platform. The leap can be understood in a similar vein being Amazons answer to the Suri platform for Apple. However, Amazons doing so in a bit of a more ambitious way through offering the means for Alexa to be a more omnipresent feature of the users life and interface between several products. From the home to the Office Alexa will be seen as a kind of personal assistant to help streamline our navigation of the mundane to the extraordinary, this is going to be an extraordinary step forward for voice recognition software and computing in general.echoooo

What this means for the Echo Dot, Amazon’s mini, hands-free device is that it will use the same far-field voice-recognition capabilities as as the Amazon Echo. Essentially, this will enable it to connect to one’s in home speaker system via their Bluetooth capabilities, or alternatively this can be achieved via their voice commands. If this wasn’t impressive enough in itself, this also has the potential use the device to sync with other smart home devices, including the lights, door locks, bedroom alarm clock, smart dog collars, pool filters and heaters, bidet, stove, coffee maker, salad spinner, jewelry box, hot plate, patio retractable shade structures, car ignition and heater, to name just a few of the almost endless potential this will have in the future tomorrow, today.

If you are a Amazon Prime member the deals are only going to get sweeter. This is due to their promise that members will be able to order the device for the rock bottom no holds barred price of $89.00 United States of America Dollars. Not only can they buy it for this price, buy they will be able to do so within the confides of the Alexa system if they already have a device which enables them to do so. This said their is expected to be an ¬†extremely high demand for this product, given that nature of new tech products where its not so much that you get it, but that you get it first Amazon expects these beauties to sell out quickly at this price. However, one should not fret, Amazon will make more because people will give them money to do so, and if you don’t get your hands on this round of product you can rest assured that they will unveil something that is almost qualitatively identical to it in a few months with minor and even negligible performance increases for an increased price.¬†200001_504

Amazon hopes that this will help them leap into 21st century technology¬†bounds in front of the competition and stays there. it can be said that Amazon is not ready considering this be so far from their existing business model, primarily online com-meres. But even if this idea totally flops the stakes don’t seem very high. At the end of the day they are Amazon and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

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