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computersComputing power is basically just your computer’s ability to perform an operation quickly. Everything it does can be broken down into mathematical processes; your computer’s processor just interprets commands that you execute as a series of math problems. The faster the processor, the more calculations per second it can handle. Fast processors are also better at dealing with really difficult mathematical equations.

You’ve likely heard of a CPU or Central Processing Unit. Your computer and any other personal computer you’ve come into contact with likely has a CPU. Within the CPU is an electronic clock, which generates a series of electrical pulses at regular intervals. This allows the computer to synchronize all its components and it determines the speed at which the computer retrieve data from its stored memory and undergo the calculations necessary for your commands to be performed.

This means that when you’re talking about processing power, what you’re really referring to is the clock speed, which in turn refers to the number of electrical pulses your CPU sends out each second. The more pulses it sends out, the more equations can be performed and the faster memory can be retrieved. When you see a processor that is rated at 3.2 gigahertz, you’re looking at a processor that sends out around 3.2 billion pulses each second. It’s even possible to overclock processors, or push them past their advertised speed, but each clock has its limit.

So how super can a computer be? The Tianhe-2 supercomputer developed by China’s National University of Defense Technology was the wold’s fastest computer in 2014 with a processing power of 33.86 petaflops (quadrillions of calculations per second) on the Linpack benchmark. As 2015 draws to a close, we’re likely to have a new contender.

You may be asking, what the heck is a petaflop? Flop signifies floating-point operations per second. Most desktop computers have processors that can handle billions of flops per second, i.e. gigaflops. Computers with multiple processors are faster than single-processor machines because each processor core can handle a certain number of calculations per second. Multi-core processors are able to increase computing power while using less electricity, giving them yet another advantage.

3d illustration of cpu chip over white background

3d illustration of cpu chip over white background

Even the fastest computers can take years to complete certain tasks, especially if they’re being put to the task of de-encrypting information. A lot of times these tasks involve finding prime factors of a very large number, which is difficult because the computer must first determine the factors of the large number and then determine if each individual number is prime. If a number is incredible large, this kind of task can keep a computer busy for a long time.

Encryption has decryption has become a major facet of computing technology, as anything from internet currency like the bitcoin to national secrets are stored and kept safe by creating situations in which only intense processing power can act as a key. However, with quantum computing on the horizon, even this newly developed world is bound to change soon and yield bigger and better things for the tech industry and all the industries that surround it.


defragIf you’ve heard of it but are not clear on exactly what it is, this is the article for you. “Disk defrag” is short for “disk defragmenter” which is a tool that helps to solve storage problems with hard disk drives.

A common issue with hard drives as they begin to fill up with information is new information cannot be stored sequentially. Instead, it needs to be stored wherever it can fit the open pockets throughout the drive. What ends up happening is that there’s a delayed loading the occurs whenever you try to upload any of the fragmented information because the arm of the hard drive has to take so many trips around the hard disk to get all the necessary information.

A disk defragmenter solves this issue by reorganizing all the files on your hard disk drive so that as many files can be stored sequentially as possible. A good defragmenter might even put all your applications near the operating system so that your apps load faster.

What does that even mean? Well keep in mind that storing information on your drive involves instructing read-write heads to travel all around the platters in your hard drive, magnetizing and demagnetizing microscopic pieces of metal depending on what binary code your personal files break down into. The read-write heads are also magnets and they are located on an arm that understands where to travel around the platters based on metadata that it stores regarding what’s where. The arm travels at a max speed across a very real physical space, so the more the metadata tells it to run all around the platters to find the necessary magnetic/binary information that makes up the picture of your grandma riding a horse that you’re trying to click on, the longer it’s going to take to process the entire picture. The defrag takes the information stored in our metadata, notes a better way of organizing all of it, and recopies everything onto the hard drive based on the optimum fit that will then allow for new things that you want to store to be written in a series, which is the fastest way for it to be read in the future.


You’re only going to notice the work of a disk defragmenter if you have a full hard drive; if you have one that’s never been filled up, its files are already stored sequentially. Defrag is more for the drives that have been constantly full and had info deleted off of them so the user can store new stuff there. In those cases, there’s generally a significant upload speed difference before and after the drive is defragmented.

Because so much data must be moved around in order to defrag a disk, you generally have to set aside a few hours for your computer to complete the process. You should also make sure that none of the applications on your hard disk drive are running during the process. You also need to disable any screen saver you have in use.

NSAThe NSA has a public relations problem, to put it lightly. The revelations released by Edward Snowden, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and several other government watchdogs have cast an eerie light on the one of the government’s most ill-understood agencies.

Not that the NSA has generally made an attempt to be well-understood. If anything the agency has earned its serpentine reputation by constantly dodging attempts to give up information about what it’s been doing.

Just last year the EFF filed suit to force the federal government to disclose the actual procedure behind the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, which is used by the FBI, NSA and other agencies to determine whether to disclose vulnerabilities to various software developers or other entities, or to use those very vulnerabilities to carry out its own operation.

The suit was brought on by the discovery of the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL software library. The malware made accessible the personal information of millions of computer users, including their personal communications. Edward Snowden and the EEF were suspicious that the NSA had known about the bug for two years and exploited it instead of alerting proper authorities.

Now the NSA has disclosed 91 percent of all security vulnerabilities that have passed through its internal review process. Despite this development in the direction of greater “transparency,” privacy advocates remain sufficiently worried by the remaining 9 percent.

The NSA claims that it has historically leaned in favor of disclosure, and withholds information only if the information may be necessary to collect crucial foreign intelligence used to stop a terrorist attack, prevent the theft of intellectual property, or uncover greater vulnerabilities.

Director of civil liberties at the Stanford Center for the Internet and Society Jennifer Stisa Granick is not satisfied:

granick“By withholding information about the remaining 9 percent, the NSA has chosen not to notify the party best situated to fix the security flaw,” she objected. “They do this to enable intelligence agents to exploit these flaws for surveillance or to use them as weapons, as with Stuxnet. As for the remaining 91 percent, it is not clear whether the NSA uses a subset of those vulnerabilities before it discloses them.”

Stuxnet was a malicious software co-built by America and Israel. Neither state has confirmed its existence, but anonymous whistle-blowers have claimed that the worm was developed during the Obama administration to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would seem like a long series of unfortunate accidents.

Security advocates disagree with the sinister portrayal of a snooping NSA. GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien claimed, “The NSA has in recent years struggled from a public relations perspective; one can imagine that they would prefer that the discussion be focused on the 90 percent of exploits that they do report, and the -perhaps unexpected- indication that they adhere to the principle of sunlight being the most efficient disinfectant.”

“Software exploits of this kind- unintentional issues that are researched and reported on- are a diffrent kind from the more sophisticated types of cyberattack that lead to large breaches,” he continuted. “As a security professional, having the NSA allocating resources to finding these kinds of issues is comforting. They’re a resource that, on many levels, has the best interests of the United States and its national security in mind. Bluntly put, someone will find these exploits; I’d rather it be an agency which is aligned with our national security.”

The Oculus Rift headset is tested by attendees at the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court in London.

In August of 2012, Oculus Rift launched a Kickstarter to create “the first truly immersive virtual reality headset for video games.” The campaign raised over $2 million before Facebook acquired the Rift’s production for $2 billion in March of 2014.

Although many Rift followers look forward to the revolution VR will surely bring to the world of gaming, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook sees more far-reaching potential for the other-worldly goggles:

“This is really a new communication platform. By feeling truly present, you can share unbounded spaces and experiences with the people in your life. Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

And he is not alone in his prediction. Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and Google have also come to appreciate the industry-disrupting potential of virtual reality technology. Together with Oculus Rift, the tech powerhouses make up the five major contenders in a race to the top of the VR market. For those of you wondering who’s winning, here’s some information about their emerging products:

The Oculus Rift


Widely acknowledged as the VR industry leader, the Oculus Rift will be ready for your living room in Q1 of 2016. Although exact prices have not yet been disclosed, Oculus VP Nate Mitchell has promised to keep the Rift priced in the same neighborhood as any other new gaming console.

One major concern for gamers is the heavy-duty processing power necessary to truly experience the Rift’s virtual worlds. Accordingly, Oculus will be releasing fully functional PCs made specifically to handle the hardcore computing, which have been priced somewhere under $1000.

The Gear VR

gear vr

Priced at a mere $99, Samsung’s Gear VR promises to make virtual reality attainable to most, even those outside circles of well-to-do tech enthusiasts. However, some loyalty to the Samsung brand is necessary- the Gear VR will be created specifically for use with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6, S6 Edge or S6 Edge+. In order for the device to work, one of those phone models needs to be placed into a compartment at the front of the headset.

The Gear VR represents a push towards mobile-based VR that has covered a fair amount of ground over the past few years. Although it is not quite as involved as the Rift, Samsung has built up a loyal following with this more accessible device since it hit the market in 2014. A new model of the Gear VR is currently in production.

Google Cardboard

google cardboard
In terms of bringing VR to the people, Google takes the cake. This virtual reality headset is part cut-and-fold cardboard and part Android, allowing anyone with a Droid and a box cutter to gain access to Google’s virtual world. Even the cardboard headset design has been democratized- various designs submitted by Google engineers and regular users are available through Google for free.


The New York Times has made plans to send these devices out to more than 1 million of its print subscribers. These subscribers will then be able to access news videos shot specifically for Google Cardboard, making this November an inaugurating month for VR journalism.

The PlayStation VR


No longer known as Project Morpheus, Sony’s PlayStation VR is one of the few close-to-market products that threaten to give the Rift a run for its money in terms of the quality of the virtual reality experience that it produces. Console gamers have described Sony’s model as “more polished,” though apparently the headset is so heavy that a mere 15 minutes of play can result in sore neck muscles and headaches.

Issues aside, Sony’s ability to create its own gaming content along with its established fan base make it a worthy opponent in the VR race.

Microsoft HoloLens


Microsoft has taken a unique approach to VR, opting for “augmenting reality” rather than transporting its customers to a completely different world. The HoloLens device allows for VR images to be projected into actual surroundings, so the viewer can see fantasy creatures fly over a row of office cubicles or examine an entire spinning solar system in the center of a classroom.

The HoloLens has awed reviewers with its realistic effects and promises to have a wide range of uses outside of just gaming. However, production of the device has proven complicated and the HoloLens is expected to be released behind schedule.

The use of information technology has replaced the telegraph and other slow communications with telephone and mobile phone. Any person can communicate the other within seconds. The radios which were used for news and other programs is replaced with the television which can not only provide audio but also video. Eventually, information systems have placed its role in electronic industry. In telecommunication also information technology placed its importance. The use of emails and mobiles has made communication really simple. Even huge date can be shared with people in any place in the world. The invention of floppy, CD, and other data storage system has helped people to store data very easily. Information Technology is used in educational instructions also. It made many things simple like preparation of timetable, question banks, and student details, salary preparations can be easily done in computer and can be stored. Records can be easily maintained. No large place is required to store. Files can be replaced with simple pen drives. In entertainment, we can simply use computer to watch any movie. We can even store pictures in computer.

It’s Wide Applications in Different Fields Made Life Simple, Easy and Comfortable

In medical industry also information technology has an important role. Many types of equipment like ECG, and few machines use micro chips in it. Certain special software’s are used in blood analysis and even in vision testing. To monitor a patient’s health’s condition for many hours the patient is connected with few devices which record the body behavior. Later the whole information is retrieved by doctor and then analyzed.

The Information technology is also used in the business. In business the use of Information technology is for automatic tasks. Suppose the room is set with automatic temperature system. Then the censor will increase and decrease accordingly. Many tools like phones, mail and database can be used. Information can be transferred to the team in seconds with mail or fax and mobiles. Cloud hosting services can be used to store the data. For backup of data also it is used.

With the help of information technology, the finance management has become simple. Different software’s like tally and other account software’s can be used for storing and maintaining the stock list or accounts easily. This helps to keep them safe. The business people can easily launch the product and advertise it with the help of technology. It helps in increasing the business and creates the brand awareness among the public. The use of information technology helps in creating a relation between the business and the customers. Customers can purchase the product online, sitting at home or any other place with the help of information technology. It also helps in creating competition with other business brands. The use of information technology made life easy. The use of credit and debit cards made people to take money directly in the shops. One need not go to bank to withdraw money. They can simply swipe the card and access their account with a simple pin and make payments online.

drives1Storage is a very important facility of the computer. It is perhaps the most important for the functioning of the computer. Software, new songs and videos all these stuffs are goes for a safe storage in the hard drive of the computer! When this hard drive of the computer gets damaged accidentally, it becomes headache to recover all those important data. It is a highly important job as people store many important files and folders in their computer while working.

Here is the most common problem that occur with hard drive-

Failure in the operating system- this happens when the main disk is some how gets corrupted. The simplest way to hard disk recovery in this case is to copy all the necessary and important information and removing the important file to backup system with the help of file managing system.

Hard drive and its relation with the computer

The failure of operating system is a very common problem in the personal computers. It happens when the computer id overloaded or the system memory doesn’t function properly. Best option to prevent this is to raise the RAM and to lessen the pressure on hard drive. A computer that is running with many critical programs and when those are used regularly can be harmful for the operating system.

Sometimes the hard drive faces physical damages. It becomes considerably harder to recover data in such cases. As the hard drive is partially or totally damaged, it becomes critical to access the data. It requires creating a copy of that hard drive. Success of this process depends on the extent of the damage. In most of the cases full recovery is almost impossible.

The modern technology and internet has introduced a new help to save the data in the computer. It is the online help. There are many ways to save and back up the data if one has the internet connection! It is possible to back up the data in hard drive on online portals. This makes an easily available copy of the important data and information.

One still can’t deny the pros of saving data in hard drive. It is the simplest way to store data. Sometimes the important software is removed when hard drive is having problem. The help of internet is available in data recovery also. It is called remote system. In remote system one is not required to be present physically. The access to the damaged computer is done through internet. One requires a strong internet connection to solve the problem.

This remote help is very popular in the first world countries. The servicing company has their professionals in office. They are given the access to computer via internet and they solve the problem by getting live access to the damaged computer.

As data are becoming important factor of modern work, it is important to build the computer with good hard drive and hardware. The risks are lower in such cases. The best way to stop the hard disk recovery headache is to take suitable precautions in time.

technology1It doesn’t talk, it doesn’t put the unfinished works on the others shoulder, it responds timely, works fast- these are the attributes that everyone wished to see in their co-worker. These all can be seen but not in human, the computer is fulfilling all these criteria’s. The computer has become very much reachable for the common people. People are using it in large number for several jobs.

The important thing about computer technology is it is updating itself. Computer system is making progress everyday. Works and the procedure of finishing them are getting better with time. The work culture has changed with the introduction of computer. It took time for people to get used to this computer format but now the world is ready for it.

In recent times it is been seen that company’s are using especially dedicated app for specific work. This are developed application that suits the work culture or the work type of that company. This applications are making a big impact on how the work. It is making working easy and the speed of work is also increase the in the process.

The main thing in the computing system that is changed is the use. In the last decades in average offices the computer was used to a certain extent. The power of the computer was still not exercised to a broader extent. Now people are using the computer more delicately and tactically. Human are still in the process of extracting the full advantages of the computer. The coming years will see a leap in the process.

The way ahead for computer

technology2The rise of computer as a working medium will be untold if the part of internet is not discusses. Internet is perhaps the wheel of computer system. It has provided various advantages of working in computer. Data and information is transported fast and smooth via internet. It combined the world in a single platform.

With the globalization there was a need of system that can provide a single platform where people can work from different geographical positions. Internet with the combination computer provided that much needed support. Working became easy and the smoothness and transparency in work become stronger. Computer developed new systems to support the internet and to take full advantages of the web development.

The thing one must remember in this era of computer technology is to keep with the changes and development. One must stay aware of the new systems and developments. Without this awareness one will lag behind in the work. Companies also organize training process to keep their workforce updates about the new arrivals in the world of computer.

The next important thing is safety. With delicate exchanges of information and data safety is becoming an important issue. As the internet is becoming must have in the computer the issue of security is becoming more critical. There are new developments happening in computer technology but there are still questions. It can be said that the security will be the biggest challenge for the computer technology in the coming years.

softaware1Devices are the contribution of modern day culture. The world had changed by holding the hands of technology. As the technical world gives support for a fast movement so that every department takes the helps of it. This medium makes many processes faster than before. The benefits are many and ease of uses is very easy and comfortable. The world is going under the shade of technology. Devices are very important to access. So the device must be very high in quality. It needs some inputs and the inputs of devices are the software. So people have to have software to get the smoothest run.

The root and top:

Software is a read only machine and it drives the whole computer process. This made to make a good way of accessing tools. It helps in storing the data. There are many kinds of it which do different works. There are capacity of computer programming, application directing and others. The feedbacks make it popular and demandable. The demands are in the top level. So experts are working to make new tools always. The requirements are changing so people need modified software. New techniques and methods are including the system to provide better benefits. The modification is common in every type like;

• The educational software: there are many educational system which helps to be literate. The helps are coming in many ways. People can get knowledge, create and store any document through such system. Apart from this there are many other facilities. Now there are many new educational systems which afford lot more than before. This affords more and makes the people educated very smoothly.

• Application software: this type of system makes the devices rich. It adds the ability of general PCs and provides many entertaining things. There are many divisions of this part. Different division is best for dissimilar facilities.

software2• System software: this is the most important system of computer because it has direct effect on driving the hard-drive. It makes the hard-drive to run perfectly. The design made for this so that the need of it more than others. The requirements of modern time make this design very strong technically. There are some divisions in such system. One is operating system and the other is device drivers. Operating system takes care of storages and increases the function speed. It is very useful to run the display properly. Device drivers are best for directing the hard drive in right manner.

The essentiality of quality:

The quality of it is very important because it holds the whole function. The system depends on the level of software so that it has to be very high in count. The modern equipments are doing the job in great manner and they are producing lots of highly equipped software. The systems are being faster and smoother through such programs. People can feel the benefits so that they are using the new creations. There are many companies who have best software and people can get that to run their devices fast. The lists are in sites to provide the appropriate detail of different software.