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electromagnetismYou may have heard someone state that electricity is just a form of magnetism or vice versa. Indeed, the two forces are deeply interrelated. Here’s a little information about that interrelation from someone who has no idea what they’re talking about:

To really understand the difference between magnetism and electricity, we may have to delve deeply into special relativity. More broadly, special relativity is the generally accepted theory regarding the relationship between space and time created by Einstein. His postulates are the following:

  1. that the laws of physics are invariant (i.e. identical) in all inertial systems (non-accelerating frames of reference) and
  2. that the speed of light in a vacuum is the same for all observers, regardless of the motion of the light source.

This relates to classical electromagnetism in that it begets formulas for how electromagnet objects, in particular the electric and magnetic fields, are altered under a Lorentz transformation from one inertial frame of reference to another.

The Lorentz transformation (or transformations) are coordinate transformations between two coordinate frames that move at constant velocity relative to each other. Frames of reference can be divided into two groups, inertial (i.e. relative motion with constant velocity) and non-inertial (accelerating in cursed paths, rotational motion with constant angular velocity, etc.). When you hear the term “Lorentz transformation”, think of transformations between inertial frames. Basically, Einstein’s theory of special relativity makes it possible to understand that the frame of reference ultimately determine if an observation follows electrostatic or magnetic laws.

Basically, if you look at a classical stationary electric charge, it creates a purely electrical field i.e. the Coulomb field. The Coulomb field is responsible for generating the phenomena of static electricity. However, if you then look at that electric charge from the standpoint of a reference frame which is moving with respect to it, the electric charge may now seem like it’s moving, i.e. it’s an electric current which in turn creates a magnetic field.

electromagnetism2So let’s bring it back to eye level: permanent magnets generate their magnetic field through two main mechanisms:

  1. the orbital motion of electrons around the nucleus. Electrons are negatively charged, making this equivalent to an electric current that creates a magnetic field.
  2. the spin off the electrons themselves. this again creates a magnetic field, so that the atoms behave like tiny magnets.

So now it’s time to talk about ferromagnetic materials. Ferromagnetic materials have subatomic properties that allow for the atoms that make them up to behave like the tiny magnets that they are and align their magnet’s directions together in local units called magnetic domains. This then creates a larger magnetic field.

It’s not enough to work as a battery, however. This is because the motion of the electric charge in the atoms is cyclical and the spin of the electron doesn’t move the charge from one place to another. For a battery, you’d need a movement of charge that results in separation of positive and negative charge, which then would be made available at the terminals. Permanent magnets can’t function as batteries because this isn’t how they work.


defragIf you’ve heard of it but are not clear on exactly what it is, this is the article for you. “Disk defrag” is short for “disk defragmenter” which is a tool that helps to solve storage problems with hard disk drives.

A common issue with hard drives as they begin to fill up with information is new information cannot be stored sequentially. Instead, it needs to be stored wherever it can fit the open pockets throughout the drive. What ends up happening is that there’s a delayed loading the occurs whenever you try to upload any of the fragmented information because the arm of the hard drive has to take so many trips around the hard disk to get all the necessary information.

A disk defragmenter solves this issue by reorganizing all the files on your hard disk drive so that as many files can be stored sequentially as possible. A good defragmenter might even put all your applications near the operating system so that your apps load faster.

What does that even mean? Well keep in mind that storing information on your drive involves instructing read-write heads to travel all around the platters in your hard drive, magnetizing and demagnetizing microscopic pieces of metal depending on what binary code your personal files break down into. The read-write heads are also magnets and they are located on an arm that understands where to travel around the platters based on metadata that it stores regarding what’s where. The arm travels at a max speed across a very real physical space, so the more the metadata tells it to run all around the platters to find the necessary magnetic/binary information that makes up the picture of your grandma riding a horse that you’re trying to click on, the longer it’s going to take to process the entire picture. The defrag takes the information stored in our metadata, notes a better way of organizing all of it, and recopies everything onto the hard drive based on the optimum fit that will then allow for new things that you want to store to be written in a series, which is the fastest way for it to be read in the future.


You’re only going to notice the work of a disk defragmenter if you have a full hard drive; if you have one that’s never been filled up, its files are already stored sequentially. Defrag is more for the drives that have been constantly full and had info deleted off of them so the user can store new stuff there. In those cases, there’s generally a significant upload speed difference before and after the drive is defragmented.

Because so much data must be moved around in order to defrag a disk, you generally have to set aside a few hours for your computer to complete the process. You should also make sure that none of the applications on your hard disk drive are running during the process. You also need to disable any screen saver you have in use.

drives1Storage is a very important facility of the computer. It is perhaps the most important for the functioning of the computer. Software, new songs and videos all these stuffs are goes for a safe storage in the hard drive of the computer! When this hard drive of the computer gets damaged accidentally, it becomes headache to recover all those important data. It is a highly important job as people store many important files and folders in their computer while working.

Here is the most common problem that occur with hard drive-

Failure in the operating system- this happens when the main disk is some how gets corrupted. The simplest way to hard disk recovery in this case is to copy all the necessary and important information and removing the important file to backup system with the help of file managing system.

Hard drive and its relation with the computer

The failure of operating system is a very common problem in the personal computers. It happens when the computer id overloaded or the system memory doesn’t function properly. Best option to prevent this is to raise the RAM and to lessen the pressure on hard drive. A computer that is running with many critical programs and when those are used regularly can be harmful for the operating system.

Sometimes the hard drive faces physical damages. It becomes considerably harder to recover data in such cases. As the hard drive is partially or totally damaged, it becomes critical to access the data. It requires creating a copy of that hard drive. Success of this process depends on the extent of the damage. In most of the cases full recovery is almost impossible.

The modern technology and internet has introduced a new help to save the data in the computer. It is the online help. There are many ways to save and back up the data if one has the internet connection! It is possible to back up the data in hard drive on online portals. This makes an easily available copy of the important data and information.

One still can’t deny the pros of saving data in hard drive. It is the simplest way to store data. Sometimes the important software is removed when hard drive is having problem. The help of internet is available in data recovery also. It is called remote system. In remote system one is not required to be present physically. The access to the damaged computer is done through internet. One requires a strong internet connection to solve the problem.

This remote help is very popular in the first world countries. The servicing company has their professionals in office. They are given the access to computer via internet and they solve the problem by getting live access to the damaged computer.

As data are becoming important factor of modern work, it is important to build the computer with good hard drive and hardware. The risks are lower in such cases. The best way to stop the hard disk recovery headache is to take suitable precautions in time.