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PrintWhile digital technology on the whole has improved people’s lives by making communication easier across the globe, throughout the years we’ve found that it also has the potential to separate and polarize people like no other technology before it.

People are more interconnected than ever with the help of social media accounts and employment profiles, and while this opens the door for friendships that would have otherwise never happened, it also creates an entirely new platform for bullying. This bullying also makes it possible for bullies to remain anonymous and thus free from the consequences of their actions, a set of circumstances which has allowed cyberbullying to grow into a full-fledged epidemic.

Why is this issue so pressing? Many see the conflict as one that deserves a healthy amount of skepticism, believing that bullying is somewhat inevitable and that children are responsible for their ability to learn how to cope with bullying. However, the connection between bullying and suicide has become more proven than ever before due to a recent report released by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

cyberbullying2Suicide and Suicide Attempts in Adolescents, a study published last month in Pediatrics, identified suicide as the number 2 cause of teen deaths. In a study carried out by the AAP almost a decade prior, teen suicide was found to be the third cause of teen death. The first cause of teen deaths in both reports remained unintentional injury.

The report also found that girls were twice as likely to attempt suicide as boys, though boys were three times more likely to succeed. Perhaps the most frightening statistic of all, four out of five teens who do commit suicide successfully don’t show any clear warning signs prior to the act. These warnings are so difficult to pick up on that the AAP has moved forward to ask pediatricians to be aware of heavy Internet usage and bullying when screening an adolescent for suicide risk.

Unfortunately, bullying remains an elusive problem to fix; there are time-tested mitigation tools that can be accessed and taught through education, professional insights, research studies and self-help books, but stamping out bullying all together is a tricky feat.

cyberbullying3Dorothy A. Miraglia, contributor to the upcoming book The Use of the Creative Therapies with Bullying and Aggression, has found that bullying can be combated by informing teens about the damage that it can do. She emphasizes especially that in our world of digital forums, teens need to remember to think before they post:

“Some teens may not understand words hurt, or exactly what cyberbullying is,” Miraglia told TechNewsWorld. “Teens should be taught what is appropriate to post and not post.”

In order to ameliorate the effects of bullying, it’s also important for victims to have access to guidance regarding how to deal with the abuse. Naomi Katz, author of Beautiful: Being an Empowered Young Woman, shared the following:

“Guide young people to cultivate a sense of confidence that can help support them when facing challenging situations. Encourage young people to remember that social media is only a small part of our social lives. Help them develop meaningful friendships that support positive growth.”

There has been a general trend in the tech industry over the past few years that has a lot industry insiders shaking their heads and shaking their heads in disapproval. This trend is the reality that many of the tech companies that then they are faced with their back up against a wall of the threat of outside competition  posing a threat to their earnings they are merely teaming up and consolidating their power in kind of all penetrating large scale monopolistic gain. This is a trend that is not only on the rise but becoming an almost matter of fact as a reality of business today. In a sense there is very little anyone can do because they do not technically break any industry regulations, however what they are doing is fundamentally destabilizing the market and making way for it to be altered. What the trend is going to do is destabilize the regularity of the market to the point where it cannot bunch back given they are consolidating too much power as well as not punting out the best product of having any natural competition or growth that is suppose to be inherent to capitalism, or so weave been told. Insider Depak Sing says that this trend is both scary and also completely unprecedented. We basically, are in one of the biggest economic experiences in modern history, and we are the guinea pigs. Essentially, we are in a position where by there are implications of recession written all over the tech industry and the American and thus world economy at large. So this should be a funny next new years because no matter what happens there is most likely going to be a melt down on some scale. That is the way the tech industry is going because there is not only this phenomena of the consolidation too big to fail aspect of tech monsters, there is also the double pronged effect of an even larger population of the tech start up world. This can be understood as being a puddle that is very shallow and wide, with a few deep holes in the middle that strike gold. The problem is that you don’t know which one will be the big cash cow. Thus people are continually throwing money into this endless pit of despair hoping their bets pay off. And in may ways they do, through this sense of gold rush surrounding the tech startup

Information analysis. Monitoring economy, manager and progress and productive, vector illustration

sector many people are rushing to the door step of these start ups and they are delivering, well at least enough to show them something to keep throwing money at. Thus These start ups given the large amount of traffic surrounding. them are receiving billions and billions of dollars in initial public offerings as well as seed money from investors who are hoping to cash in. The problem is that most of these start ups cannot and will not ever monetize. Thus what happens with the two billion dollar valuation when there is no product, and no source of revenue and people come back to collect on their debts? I’m not entirely sure, but we can ask Vine in a couple of weeks, or probably any other app your middle school aged nephew told you about last thanks giving.

This Thursday Amazon declared that two of their existing products: Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, would enable the Alexa voice recognition software to manage the day to day tasks of their platform. The leap can be understood in a similar vein being Amazons answer to the Suri platform for Apple. However, Amazons doing so in a bit of a more ambitious way through offering the means for Alexa to be a more omnipresent feature of the users life and interface between several products. From the home to the Office Alexa will be seen as a kind of personal assistant to help streamline our navigation of the mundane to the extraordinary, this is going to be an extraordinary step forward for voice recognition software and computing in general.echoooo

What this means for the Echo Dot, Amazon’s mini, hands-free device is that it will use the same far-field voice-recognition capabilities as as the Amazon Echo. Essentially, this will enable it to connect to one’s in home speaker system via their Bluetooth capabilities, or alternatively this can be achieved via their voice commands. If this wasn’t impressive enough in itself, this also has the potential use the device to sync with other smart home devices, including the lights, door locks, bedroom alarm clock, smart dog collars, pool filters and heaters, bidet, stove, coffee maker, salad spinner, jewelry box, hot plate, patio retractable shade structures, car ignition and heater, to name just a few of the almost endless potential this will have in the future tomorrow, today.

If you are a Amazon Prime member the deals are only going to get sweeter. This is due to their promise that members will be able to order the device for the rock bottom no holds barred price of $89.00 United States of America Dollars. Not only can they buy it for this price, buy they will be able to do so within the confides of the Alexa system if they already have a device which enables them to do so. This said their is expected to be an  extremely high demand for this product, given that nature of new tech products where its not so much that you get it, but that you get it first Amazon expects these beauties to sell out quickly at this price. However, one should not fret, Amazon will make more because people will give them money to do so, and if you don’t get your hands on this round of product you can rest assured that they will unveil something that is almost qualitatively identical to it in a few months with minor and even negligible performance increases for an increased price. 200001_504

Amazon hopes that this will help them leap into 21st century technology bounds in front of the competition and stays there. it can be said that Amazon is not ready considering this be so far from their existing business model, primarily online com-meres. But even if this idea totally flops the stakes don’t seem very high. At the end of the day they are Amazon and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

defragIf you’ve heard of it but are not clear on exactly what it is, this is the article for you. “Disk defrag” is short for “disk defragmenter” which is a tool that helps to solve storage problems with hard disk drives.

A common issue with hard drives as they begin to fill up with information is new information cannot be stored sequentially. Instead, it needs to be stored wherever it can fit the open pockets throughout the drive. What ends up happening is that there’s a delayed loading the occurs whenever you try to upload any of the fragmented information because the arm of the hard drive has to take so many trips around the hard disk to get all the necessary information.

A disk defragmenter solves this issue by reorganizing all the files on your hard disk drive so that as many files can be stored sequentially as possible. A good defragmenter might even put all your applications near the operating system so that your apps load faster.

What does that even mean? Well keep in mind that storing information on your drive involves instructing read-write heads to travel all around the platters in your hard drive, magnetizing and demagnetizing microscopic pieces of metal depending on what binary code your personal files break down into. The read-write heads are also magnets and they are located on an arm that understands where to travel around the platters based on metadata that it stores regarding what’s where. The arm travels at a max speed across a very real physical space, so the more the metadata tells it to run all around the platters to find the necessary magnetic/binary information that makes up the picture of your grandma riding a horse that you’re trying to click on, the longer it’s going to take to process the entire picture. The defrag takes the information stored in our metadata, notes a better way of organizing all of it, and recopies everything onto the hard drive based on the optimum fit that will then allow for new things that you want to store to be written in a series, which is the fastest way for it to be read in the future.


You’re only going to notice the work of a disk defragmenter if you have a full hard drive; if you have one that’s never been filled up, its files are already stored sequentially. Defrag is more for the drives that have been constantly full and had info deleted off of them so the user can store new stuff there. In those cases, there’s generally a significant upload speed difference before and after the drive is defragmented.

Because so much data must be moved around in order to defrag a disk, you generally have to set aside a few hours for your computer to complete the process. You should also make sure that none of the applications on your hard disk drive are running during the process. You also need to disable any screen saver you have in use.

NSAThe NSA has a public relations problem, to put it lightly. The revelations released by Edward Snowden, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and several other government watchdogs have cast an eerie light on the one of the government’s most ill-understood agencies.

Not that the NSA has generally made an attempt to be well-understood. If anything the agency has earned its serpentine reputation by constantly dodging attempts to give up information about what it’s been doing.

Just last year the EFF filed suit to force the federal government to disclose the actual procedure behind the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, which is used by the FBI, NSA and other agencies to determine whether to disclose vulnerabilities to various software developers or other entities, or to use those very vulnerabilities to carry out its own operation.

The suit was brought on by the discovery of the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL software library. The malware made accessible the personal information of millions of computer users, including their personal communications. Edward Snowden and the EEF were suspicious that the NSA had known about the bug for two years and exploited it instead of alerting proper authorities.

Now the NSA has disclosed 91 percent of all security vulnerabilities that have passed through its internal review process. Despite this development in the direction of greater “transparency,” privacy advocates remain sufficiently worried by the remaining 9 percent.

The NSA claims that it has historically leaned in favor of disclosure, and withholds information only if the information may be necessary to collect crucial foreign intelligence used to stop a terrorist attack, prevent the theft of intellectual property, or uncover greater vulnerabilities.

Director of civil liberties at the Stanford Center for the Internet and Society Jennifer Stisa Granick is not satisfied:

granick“By withholding information about the remaining 9 percent, the NSA has chosen not to notify the party best situated to fix the security flaw,” she objected. “They do this to enable intelligence agents to exploit these flaws for surveillance or to use them as weapons, as with Stuxnet. As for the remaining 91 percent, it is not clear whether the NSA uses a subset of those vulnerabilities before it discloses them.”

Stuxnet was a malicious software co-built by America and Israel. Neither state has confirmed its existence, but anonymous whistle-blowers have claimed that the worm was developed during the Obama administration to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would seem like a long series of unfortunate accidents.

Security advocates disagree with the sinister portrayal of a snooping NSA. GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien claimed, “The NSA has in recent years struggled from a public relations perspective; one can imagine that they would prefer that the discussion be focused on the 90 percent of exploits that they do report, and the -perhaps unexpected- indication that they adhere to the principle of sunlight being the most efficient disinfectant.”

“Software exploits of this kind- unintentional issues that are researched and reported on- are a diffrent kind from the more sophisticated types of cyberattack that lead to large breaches,” he continuted. “As a security professional, having the NSA allocating resources to finding these kinds of issues is comforting. They’re a resource that, on many levels, has the best interests of the United States and its national security in mind. Bluntly put, someone will find these exploits; I’d rather it be an agency which is aligned with our national security.”

softaware1Devices are the contribution of modern day culture. The world had changed by holding the hands of technology. As the technical world gives support for a fast movement so that every department takes the helps of it. This medium makes many processes faster than before. The benefits are many and ease of uses is very easy and comfortable. The world is going under the shade of technology. Devices are very important to access. So the device must be very high in quality. It needs some inputs and the inputs of devices are the software. So people have to have software to get the smoothest run.

The root and top:

Software is a read only machine and it drives the whole computer process. This made to make a good way of accessing tools. It helps in storing the data. There are many kinds of it which do different works. There are capacity of computer programming, application directing and others. The feedbacks make it popular and demandable. The demands are in the top level. So experts are working to make new tools always. The requirements are changing so people need modified software. New techniques and methods are including the system to provide better benefits. The modification is common in every type like;

• The educational software: there are many educational system which helps to be literate. The helps are coming in many ways. People can get knowledge, create and store any document through such system. Apart from this there are many other facilities. Now there are many new educational systems which afford lot more than before. This affords more and makes the people educated very smoothly.

• Application software: this type of system makes the devices rich. It adds the ability of general PCs and provides many entertaining things. There are many divisions of this part. Different division is best for dissimilar facilities.

software2• System software: this is the most important system of computer because it has direct effect on driving the hard-drive. It makes the hard-drive to run perfectly. The design made for this so that the need of it more than others. The requirements of modern time make this design very strong technically. There are some divisions in such system. One is operating system and the other is device drivers. Operating system takes care of storages and increases the function speed. It is very useful to run the display properly. Device drivers are best for directing the hard drive in right manner.

The essentiality of quality:

The quality of it is very important because it holds the whole function. The system depends on the level of software so that it has to be very high in count. The modern equipments are doing the job in great manner and they are producing lots of highly equipped software. The systems are being faster and smoother through such programs. People can feel the benefits so that they are using the new creations. There are many companies who have best software and people can get that to run their devices fast. The lists are in sites to provide the appropriate detail of different software.