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defragIf you’ve heard of it but are not clear on exactly what it is, this is the article for you. “Disk defrag” is short for “disk defragmenter” which is a tool that helps to solve storage problems with hard disk drives.

A common issue with hard drives as they begin to fill up with information is new information cannot be stored sequentially. Instead, it needs to be stored wherever it can fit the open pockets throughout the drive. What ends up happening is that there’s a delayed loading the occurs whenever you try to upload any of the fragmented information because the arm of the hard drive has to take so many trips around the hard disk to get all the necessary information.

A disk defragmenter solves this issue by reorganizing all the files on your hard disk drive so that as many files can be stored sequentially as possible. A good defragmenter might even put all your applications near the operating system so that your apps load faster.

What does that even mean? Well keep in mind that storing information on your drive involves instructing read-write heads to travel all around the platters in your hard drive, magnetizing and demagnetizing microscopic pieces of metal depending on what binary code your personal files break down into. The read-write heads are also magnets and they are located on an arm that understands where to travel around the platters based on metadata that it stores regarding what’s where. The arm travels at a max speed across a very real physical space, so the more the metadata tells it to run all around the platters to find the necessary magnetic/binary information that makes up the picture of your grandma riding a horse that you’re trying to click on, the longer it’s going to take to process the entire picture. The defrag takes the information stored in our metadata, notes a better way of organizing all of it, and recopies everything onto the hard drive based on the optimum fit that will then allow for new things that you want to store to be written in a series, which is the fastest way for it to be read in the future.


You’re only going to notice the work of a disk defragmenter if you have a full hard drive; if you have one that’s never been filled up, its files are already stored sequentially. Defrag is more for the drives that have been constantly full and had info deleted off of them so the user can store new stuff there. In those cases, there’s generally a significant upload speed difference before and after the drive is defragmented.

Because so much data must be moved around in order to defrag a disk, you generally have to set aside a few hours for your computer to complete the process. You should also make sure that none of the applications on your hard disk drive are running during the process. You also need to disable any screen saver you have in use.

NSAThe NSA has a public relations problem, to put it lightly. The revelations released by Edward Snowden, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and several other government watchdogs have cast an eerie light on the one of the government’s most ill-understood agencies.

Not that the NSA has generally made an attempt to be well-understood. If anything the agency has earned its serpentine reputation by constantly dodging attempts to give up information about what it’s been doing.

Just last year the EFF filed suit to force the federal government to disclose the actual procedure behind the Vulnerabilities Equities Process, which is used by the FBI, NSA and other agencies to determine whether to disclose vulnerabilities to various software developers or other entities, or to use those very vulnerabilities to carry out its own operation.

The suit was brought on by the discovery of the Heartbleed bug in the OpenSSL software library. The malware made accessible the personal information of millions of computer users, including their personal communications. Edward Snowden and the EEF were suspicious that the NSA had known about the bug for two years and exploited it instead of alerting proper authorities.

Now the NSA has disclosed 91 percent of all security vulnerabilities that have passed through its internal review process. Despite this development in the direction of greater “transparency,” privacy advocates remain sufficiently worried by the remaining 9 percent.

The NSA claims that it has historically leaned in favor of disclosure, and withholds information only if the information may be necessary to collect crucial foreign intelligence used to stop a terrorist attack, prevent the theft of intellectual property, or uncover greater vulnerabilities.

Director of civil liberties at the Stanford Center for the Internet and Society Jennifer Stisa Granick is not satisfied:

granick“By withholding information about the remaining 9 percent, the NSA has chosen not to notify the party best situated to fix the security flaw,” she objected. “They do this to enable intelligence agents to exploit these flaws for surveillance or to use them as weapons, as with Stuxnet. As for the remaining 91 percent, it is not clear whether the NSA uses a subset of those vulnerabilities before it discloses them.”

Stuxnet was a malicious software co-built by America and Israel. Neither state has confirmed its existence, but anonymous whistle-blowers have claimed that the worm was developed during the Obama administration to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program with what would seem like a long series of unfortunate accidents.

Security advocates disagree with the sinister portrayal of a snooping NSA. GreatHorn CEO Kevin O’Brien claimed, “The NSA has in recent years struggled from a public relations perspective; one can imagine that they would prefer that the discussion be focused on the 90 percent of exploits that they do report, and the -perhaps unexpected- indication that they adhere to the principle of sunlight being the most efficient disinfectant.”

“Software exploits of this kind- unintentional issues that are researched and reported on- are a diffrent kind from the more sophisticated types of cyberattack that lead to large breaches,” he continuted. “As a security professional, having the NSA allocating resources to finding these kinds of issues is comforting. They’re a resource that, on many levels, has the best interests of the United States and its national security in mind. Bluntly put, someone will find these exploits; I’d rather it be an agency which is aligned with our national security.”

technology1It doesn’t talk, it doesn’t put the unfinished works on the others shoulder, it responds timely, works fast- these are the attributes that everyone wished to see in their co-worker. These all can be seen but not in human, the computer is fulfilling all these criteria’s. The computer has become very much reachable for the common people. People are using it in large number for several jobs.

The important thing about computer technology is it is updating itself. Computer system is making progress everyday. Works and the procedure of finishing them are getting better with time. The work culture has changed with the introduction of computer. It took time for people to get used to this computer format but now the world is ready for it.

In recent times it is been seen that company’s are using especially dedicated app for specific work. This are developed application that suits the work culture or the work type of that company. This applications are making a big impact on how the work. It is making working easy and the speed of work is also increase the in the process.

The main thing in the computing system that is changed is the use. In the last decades in average offices the computer was used to a certain extent. The power of the computer was still not exercised to a broader extent. Now people are using the computer more delicately and tactically. Human are still in the process of extracting the full advantages of the computer. The coming years will see a leap in the process.

The way ahead for computer

technology2The rise of computer as a working medium will be untold if the part of internet is not discusses. Internet is perhaps the wheel of computer system. It has provided various advantages of working in computer. Data and information is transported fast and smooth via internet. It combined the world in a single platform.

With the globalization there was a need of system that can provide a single platform where people can work from different geographical positions. Internet with the combination computer provided that much needed support. Working became easy and the smoothness and transparency in work become stronger. Computer developed new systems to support the internet and to take full advantages of the web development.

The thing one must remember in this era of computer technology is to keep with the changes and development. One must stay aware of the new systems and developments. Without this awareness one will lag behind in the work. Companies also organize training process to keep their workforce updates about the new arrivals in the world of computer.

The next important thing is safety. With delicate exchanges of information and data safety is becoming an important issue. As the internet is becoming must have in the computer the issue of security is becoming more critical. There are new developments happening in computer technology but there are still questions. It can be said that the security will be the biggest challenge for the computer technology in the coming years.